10 Feb 2018

Full-Time Senior Operator – SCB

Company OiLExec – Abu Dhabi, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Senior Operator – SCB Job Description

Following minimum knowledge required for Sr Operator (Special Carbon Black):

  • Knowledge about reactor refractory curing
  • Knowledge about reactor cold start up
  • Knowledge about reactor hot start up
  • Reactor normal shut down procedure
  • Major trouble shooting in reactors – Slurry oil Nozzle , Reactor back pressure , Reactor shell failure
  • Knowledge about reactor ventury and its importance.
  • Knowledge about HT slurry oil quality
  • HT slurry handling and storage
  • HT slurry preheater and Oil pre heater operation
  • HT slurry Pump operation , Header Pressure control
  • Air preheater operation , APH temperature
  • Trouble shooting of Air pre heater
  • Knowledge about process air blower operation
  • PAB change over procedure
  • Ventury scrubber operation and trouble shooting
  • Quench Tower operation , its purpose and Trouble shooting
  • Bag filter operation procedure
  • Bag filter leak checking
  • Bag filter trouble shooting
  • Safety precautions in bag filter operation
  • what is the difference between reverse flow bag filter and pulse jet bag filter
  • Palletisation operation , different type of palletisation , use of binder etc
  • Knowledge about different type and grades of Carbon Black
  • Knowledge about uses of carbon black
  • Knowledge about safe sampling
  • Knowledge about swing reactor operation
  • Knowledge about carbon black spillage handling
  • Dryer operation and major trouble shooting
  • Knowledge about dryer snorkel operation
  • Knowledge about composition of off gas and its calorific value
  • Knowledge about micro pulveriser operation and trouble shooting
  • Knowledge about magnetic separator and trouble shooting
  • Knowledge about the PPEs required to be used in the plant.
  • Knowledge about reprocessing system and trouble shooting
  • Knowledge about the main quality parameter
  • Control philosophy of reactor tail end temperature
  • Control philosophy of reactor air flow control
  • Purpose of Reactor Process air temperature correction factor

Job Categories: Design. Job Types: Full-Time. Job expires in Endless.

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