10 Feb 2018

Full-Time Senior Operator – DC & CCU

Company OiLExec – Abu Dhabi, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Senior Operator – DC & CCU Job Description

Senior Operator – Delayed Coker & Coke Calcination Unit

Minimum knowledge required

  • Thorough knowledge & hands on experience on DCS, PLC, ESD System for DCU & CCU
  • Coke Drum MOV Interlocks, Remote Cutting System interlocks, Heater & Gas Compressor interlocks
  • Thorough knowledge of DCU & CCU Control narratives & laboratory analysis to ensure product specifications and able to adjust the parameters to maintain the quality standards.
  • Can handle Emergencies like Coke Drum Foam-over, Tarry Coke drum, Coker Heater Tube rupture, Power Failure, Instrument Air failure, Utility failure etc…
  • Normal Start up, shutdown & Emergency Shutdown of DCU & CCU
  • Alarm Management System, Advanced Process Control & PI System
  • Fully aware of Product Routing (Normal & Emergency case)
  • Usage of Antifoam, DE-emulsifier, Ammonium Polysulphide & Trisodium Phosphate dosing packages
  • Fractionation, LCGO Stripper, HCGO Stripper & HCGO Pump Around Operation
  • Coke Drum Cycle activities with troubleshooting like Switch over, Vapor diversion, Steam, Water quenching, Draining, Coke Cutting & Vapor Heating Knowledge about Lurgi Technology.
  • Operation & Troubleshooting of Switch Valve (4 way valve) & other SP (Steam Purged) valves of Coke Drum
  • TUD (Top Unheading Device) & BUD (Bottom Unheading Device) operation
  • Coke Cutting Operation (Remote & Manual Coke Cutting)
  • Operation & Troubleshooting of Coke Handling System (Crusher & Crane operation)
  • Blowdown system & Coke Condensate Drum Operation
  • Operation & Troubleshooting of Fines Removal Pump (Fractionator Bottom Recirculation Pump), Heater Charge Pump & its Strainer cleaning.
  • Fractionator Top Section Water washing Procedure
  • Operation & Troubleshooting of DCU Heater & Monitoring for better run length
  • Operation of DCU Special activities like Heater Online Spalling, Online Pigging, & Offline Pigging Operation
  • Operation & Troubleshooting of DCU Gas plant & Coker Gas Compressor
  • Operation & Troubleshooting of Rotary kiln, After burner, Coke cooler, Waste Heat Boiler, Flue Gas Desulphurization and Bag house filter operation
  • Types & Operation of Conveyor Belt, Screw Conveyor, Chain Conveyor, Bucket elevator with Troubleshooting

Job Categories: Design. Job Types: Full-Time. Job expires in Endless.

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